Nuevo plugin v 6 for Videojs released

We decided to release new MAJOR version of the Nuevo plugin for videojs player.

Version 6.0.0 features all skins heavily redesigned for better performance regardless of the size of the player. This especially concerns button menus, for small size player, e.g. on the mobile device in portrait mode. As far button menu items number was limited in display. Now it's showing as many language, chapter or audio items as device or browser's full height allows.

We also changed the way how the player controlbar elements are calculated to show, based on real player width, not on CSS3 Media Queries as before.

As usually several fixes have been applied, like playlist media proper playback after HLS/DASH media stream was broken in versions 5, better control over loading VTT captions or VTT chapters programmatically and many more.

All demos and examples on Nuevodevel website now fetaure Video.js latest official release 7.8.2 with Nuevo plugin v 6 and Nuevo skins.

In the nearest days we are going to publish few useful posts about things that our users ask most often in their emails.

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