Nuevo version 8.0.0 major update

Version 8.0.0 of Nuevo software is the most significant update ever!

  1. At first we completely rebuilt the code related to quality picker to improve performance and stability, but also to support 3rd party hlsjs plugin, an alternative for video.js default VHS handler used to stream HLS media files.

  2. Hlsjs handler is using hls.js library and seems to be much more stable than VHS. Additionally you have access to all hls.js advanced initialization options. Hlsjs also allows to make use of P2P Media Loader, an open-source JavaScript library to deliver media over P2P network.

  3. According to requests by several users, we have added Nuevo plugin option to set the initial quality for HLS and DASH streams when multiple qualities are available.

  4. By default Rewind and Forward functions allow to seek 10 seconds back or forward in the video. Now you can set custom number of seconds to jump.

  5. The Chromecast plugin has been extended to support the full set of options related to chromecast aptions text. This includes text background and foreground colors, font edge type and color, font family an style.

  6. New offline plugin has been developed. Used to show image or play info video when live stream is not available.

  7. VR/360° plugin has been extended to support spatial sound through the Google Omnitone library.

And finally a very important update. We have prepared a set of ES and CJS modules ready to import and and deploy in apps like React, Vue, Angular, etc. Available to order by Nuevo Gold Plan users modules practically covers all features and options as standard plugins. We also did an amzing job and prepared about 25 React and Vue examples, each with code tutorial and preview through CodeSanbox editor by modules license holders. Everyone can see React and Vue production build demos for React and Vue.

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