Custom programming requests

From time to time we are asked by the users about modifications to our software. Unfortunately, most often we must deny such requests.

Only if a request is for a feature that might be useful to many users Nuevodevel may perform the modification at the next scheduled maintenance for the particular script or module and users are not charged for the programming time.

Custom programming on individual or a small group of users request most often is not possible. Such type of programming is expensive, not less than € 20.00 per hour. Although such rate is among the lowest you can find, most often single users cannot afford the cost of programming work that usually requires several hours or days to complete.

Our software, scripts and design work is as it is. We are open to suggestions and ideas for the future, but please do not expect that we can modify our scripts or design on individual request, just because someone wish to have things different. Theoretically, it is possible, but due to the high cost of custom programming and due to limited time, we are rather forced to deny custom modification requests.

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