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Imagine dozen of plugins, advanced functions and multiple themes, all-in-one.
Review the main core features of the Nuevo plugin.
Closed captions
Caption, chapters, thumbs
Play video with subtitles, chapters and chapter markers. Show preview thumbnails over progress bar, branding watermark, overlay video title and description.
VR/360°, Chromecast, Airplay
Play VR/360° video, cast to your TV either with Chromecast or Airplay. Adjust video graphical filters, capture image from video, zoom in and out in video.
Media types
Multiple video and audio formats
Play multiple video and audio formats, including mp3, mp4, webm, HLS, Mpeg/Dash. Live streaming with DVR progress. AES 128 and DRM protection supported.
Video Ads
Video ad systems
Multiple video ad systems, including advanced Vast/Vpaid Ads support. Google Ima ads, Google DAI ads and simple preroll/midroll/post roll ads.
Videojs options
Custom options and functions
Multi language support, sharing, related suggestions, watch time limit, speed control, mirrored view, resumed time, any start time position, and more.
Videojs plugins
Original plugins
Keyboard shortcuts, Events and Analytics plugin, graphical filters for video, UpNext video, unique playlist layout with rich API, audio visualizer.
High quality design
We combine the best of our skills and ideas to present multiple different themes for videojs player. Each theme is fully responsive, carefully designed for every type of device.
mobile layout
Review themes

React, Vue, Angular ...

react vue angular

Popular frameworks

There are multiple node frameworks to develop software applications. Nuevodevel.com software has an offer to purchase .es and .cjs javascript module variants of plugins ready to import into most of popular frameworks, including React, Vue and Angular. This includes access to almost 40 React, Vue, Angular examples of using the plugins, each with code tutorial and full setup through CodeSandbox editor.

React vs Angular vs Vue

Front-end Frameworks Popularity in 2022

Nuevodevel video player

Easy Setup

The basic player setup code doesn't differ much from one by default video.js. You just need to load different, custom skin CSS stylesheet file and initialize Nuevo plugin.
var player = videojs("my_player");
Of course you may use one or more of dozens possible plugin's options or load more plugins.

Choose the best
pricing plan for your needs


2 unique skins
23 html examples
Unique playlist design and UI
Google Ima plugin
Chromecast and Airplay plugins
Hls.js plugin


Features as Standard, but
6 unique skins, 26 html examples
and ...
Snapshot Image plugin
Preroll, midroll, postroll ads
Offline Plugin, Filters Plugin
Audio Visualizer


Features as Premium, but
10 unique skins, 33 html examples
and ...
UpNext plugin, Google DAI Plugin
Events & Analytics Plugin
VR/360° plugin
Each plan includes a number of custom options
and useful public functions,
all described in online documentations
and presented in multiple demo pages.


Video Multiple Ad Playlist (VMAP)
Linear ads with Ad Pods support.
Nonlinear ads (static image, HTML, iFrame)
Industry icons (static image, HTML, iFrame)
Companions (static image, HTML, iFrame)
Oustream ads (linear video ads)
Ads waterfall system